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A free media player for everyone

MKV Player is a free video and media player that’s basic in design and function, making it easy to use. The application is basic, providing only support for audio and video files that are stored as commonly used file types such as MP3 or MP4. The app uses a non-standard design that shows words in place of the traditional symbols used for playing a file.

Basic but easy to use

MKV Player is quite a basic media playing tool that is ideal if your needs are equally basic. It’s a free application that’s easy to use and can play a host of audio or video files without any issues.

The app lacks a large variety of settings, which are often hidden away behind a dropdown menu. Your adjustable settings are limited to video speed, file association, and subtitle delay. Unlike VLC Media Player, you can’t tweak the video effects or run DVDs.

due to the simplicity of the app, MKV Player is light on your system’s resources. The abilities are limited, but the quality of what it can do makes it an app worth using.

Media player

This application is solely an audio and video player for Windows, offering no extra features that other alternatives may present. Mainly, you’ll use this application to play MKV files. The app can be set to play these file types automatically whenever you click on one.

Create playlists

While using your MKV Player download you can create a playlist filled with your videos and audio tracks. These can be saved and edited at any time, letting you create a list for any mood you’re experiencing.

You may have a lot of MKV files you want to watch, but finding them individually by scrolling through them is always unpleasant. You can search through your MKV video collection with ease and play them within a few clicks.


There is not a large selection of settings for you to change while using MKVPlayer. There are options available to change on a video is the subtitle display speed, video speed, and file association.

You will not find any options available for changing the video’s default equalizer settings or apply any video effects. There’s also no options available to change the data of any file.


Your free MKV video player is easy to operate thanks to its well designed interface. The app consists of a single window that presents you with a set of buttons and video or audio timeline. Settings can be found hidden within a dropdown menu located below the video screen.

The buttons that control your currently playing videos or music are not standard. Instead of your commonly found symbols such as the triangle play button, you’ll see words instead. This can be disorienting while you’re getting used to the application.

Getting help

Unlike with most applications, there is no help tab available on your MKV Player app. This is mostly not needed thanks to the simplicity of the application, but finding out what features are available is important as well.

Fortunately, if you need help there are guides online. However, you won’t find any information on the developer’s website.


You may prefer a media player that offers more features than MKVPlayer does. Fortunately, there are a handful of excellent alternatives available for you to choose from.

VLC Media Player is one of the best-known alternatives available for watching your videos or listening to audio tracks. It offers a ton of features and settings for you to customize your experience and can play DVDs.

Media Player Classic is a simple, lightweight player for your audio and video files. The application works with a wide range of file types and is ad-free but does not support video streaming.

Windows Media Player is the default option available on your PC. While it can’t do everything, it still provides a lot of utility. You can search and organize your media, edit metadata, and tune into online radios.

Simple, yet slightly confusing

MKV Player is not the best video or audio playing utility available. However, it does the job it can do remarkably well. If all you need is to play your music tracks or watch movies, then this app is perfect. For more advanced uses you’ll need a better alternative.

Using the settings in the application is a difficult process, but first, you need to find it hidden in a dropdown menu. There are also fewer options than you’d expect.


  • Great usability


  • Few options for configuration
  • No help section
  • Non-standard design can be off putting

Older versions

MKV Player for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 2.1.30
  • 3.1
  • (2799)
  • Security Status

User reviews about MKV Player

  • rnk rajamony69

    by rnk rajamony69

    easy to operate And is ltest It works easily The simplicity has made me possible to use it in my computor

  • Robert Makuta

    by Robert Makuta

    It doesn't play any .mkv files! Shameful! You should check why the package is installing successfully but not working at all!

  • Rudy Aritonang

    by Rudy Aritonang

    very good app. simple and mimimum internal ram cosumption. thanks for the developer

  • Ting Eric

    by Ting Eric

    rubbish, MKV player cannot play MKV video file, other video file also will break down,

  • W. Smith

    by W. Smith

    where my other player just hung up this one told me that my video file was corrupt.

  • DIKE Putra

    by DIKE Putra

    very helpful, great and great solution for the mkv files.
    I recommend to use it


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